Alex Caruso

Alex Caruso is an athlete who was born in College Station, Texas, U.S. in 28/02/1994 and is now 30 years old. Alex Caruso has a net worth of $3.5 Million.

What is Alex Caruso Net Worth?

Alex Caruso's net worth is US $3.5 Million.

Who is Alex Caruso?

Alex Caruso is an American professional basketball player for the Chicago Bulls of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Nicknamed "Bald Mamba" or "Carushow",he played college basketball for the Texas A&M Aggies, earning second-team all-Southeastern Conference (SEC) honors as a senior in 2016. He won an NBA championship with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2020. Caruso has two sisters. His father played four years at Creighton and was an associate athletic director at Texas A&M. Caruso grew up around the A&M program, spending many seasons as a ball boy for the Aggies. While studying at Texas A&M he majored in sports management. On June 22, 2021, he was arrested at Easterwood Airport in College Station, Texas, for residual marijuana left on a grinder.


How old is Alex Caruso?

Alex Caruso is 30 years old.

What is Alex Caruso Birthday?

Alex Caruso's birthday is 28/02/1994.

What is Alex Caruso Zodiac Sign?

Alex Caruso's zodiac sign is Pisces.

What is Alex Caruso's Real Birth Name?

Alex Caruso's real birth name is Alex Michael Caruso.

Where is Alex Caruso's Birthplace?

Alex Caruso's birthplace is College Station, Texas, U.S..

How Tall is Alex Caruso?

Alex Caruso height is 6'5'' (195.58 cm).

What is Alex Caruso Nationality?

Alex Caruso nationality is .

What are Alex Caruso's Professions?

Alex Caruso's professions are Basketball Player.

Who is Alex Caruso's Partner(s)?

Abby Brewer

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