Amybeth McNulty

Amybeth McNulty Age, Net Worth, Height, Facts
Amybeth McNulty is an actress who was born in Letterkenny, Donegal, Ireland in 07/11/2001 and is now 22 years old. Amybeth McNulty has a net worth of $2 Million.

How old is Amybeth McNulty?

Amybeth McNulty is 22 years old.

What is Amybeth McNulty Net Worth?

Amybeth McNulty's net worth is $2 Million.

What is Amybeth McNulty Birthday?

Amybeth McNulty's birthday is 07/11/2001.

What is Amybeth McNulty Zodiac Sign?

Amybeth McNulty's zodiac sign is Scorpius.

What is Amybeth McNulty's Real Birth Name?

Amybeth McNulty's real birth name is Amybeth McNulty.

Where is Amybeth McNulty's Birthplace?

Amybeth McNulty's birthplace is Letterkenny, Donegal, Ireland.

How Tall is Amybeth McNulty?

Amybeth McNulty height is 5'4''.

What is Amybeth McNulty Nationality?

Amybeth McNulty nationality is , .

What are Amybeth McNulty's Professions?

Amybeth McNulty's professions are Actress.

Who is Amybeth McNulty's Partner(s)?

Louis Hynes

Who is Amybeth McNulty?

Amybeth McNulty is an Irish-Canadian actress. She is known for her starring role as Anne Shirley in the CBC/Netflix drama series Anne with an E (2017–2019), based on the 1908 novel Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery. Amybeth McNulty was born on 7 November 2001 in Letterkenny, County Donegal, Ireland, the only daughter of an Irish father and a Canadian mother. She also has Scottish heritage. She was homeschooled. She was a youth member of An Grianán Theatre where she trained in acting and ballet. At 19, McNulty moved out from her family home in rural Donegal to London. In June 2020, she came out as bisexual. McNulty is a vegetarian In November 2021, McNulty's mother died

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