Burak Kaya Age, Net Worth, Height, Facts

Burak Kaya Net Worth, Age, Height & Biography

Burak Kaya is a TV person who was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 01/01/1991 and is now 32 years old. Burak Kaya has a net worth of $100 Thousand.

What is Burak Kaya Net Worth?

Burak Kaya's net worth is 100 Thousand.

How old is Burak Kaya?

Burak Kaya is 32 years old.

What is Burak Kaya Birthday?

Burak Kaya's birthday is 01/01/1991.

What is Burak Kaya Zodiac Sign?

Burak Kaya's zodiac sign is Capricornus.

What is Burak Kaya's Real Birth Name?

Burak Kaya's real birth name is Burak Kaya.

Where is Burak Kaya's Birthplace?

Burak Kaya's birthplace is Istanbul, Turkey.

How Tall is Burak Kaya?

Burak Kaya height is 5'10'' (177.8 cm).

What is Burak Kaya Nationality?

Burak Kaya nationality is .

What are Burak Kaya's Professions?

Burak Kaya's professions are Chef, Model, TV Person.

Who is Burak Kaya?

Burak Kaya became the 13th competitor of the Masterchef 2022 squad and has already started to be shown among the ambitious names. The competitor who participated in the competition from Istanbul is acting. According to the information he shared on the program, he had previously appeared in a small role in Hollywood. The contestant, who also plays in commercials, continues his cooking adventure 7 years later by entering the kitchen.

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