Cary Elwes

Cary Elwes Age, Net Worth, Height, Facts
Cary Elwes is an actor who was born in Westminster, London, England in 26/10/1962 and is now 61 years old. Cary Elwes has a net worth of $6 Million.

How old is Cary Elwes?

Cary Elwes is 61 years old.

What is Cary Elwes Net Worth?

Cary Elwes's net worth is $6 Million.

What is Cary Elwes Birthday?

Cary Elwes's birthday is 26/10/1962.

What is Cary Elwes Zodiac Sign?

Cary Elwes's zodiac sign is Scorpius.

What is Cary Elwes's Real Birth Name?

Cary Elwes's real birth name is Ivan Simon Cary Elwes.

Where is Cary Elwes's Birthplace?

Cary Elwes's birthplace is Westminster, London, England.

How Tall is Cary Elwes?

Cary Elwes height is 6'0''.

What is Cary Elwes Nationality?

Cary Elwes nationality is .

What are Cary Elwes's Professions?

Cary Elwes's professions are Actor, Writer.

Who is Cary Elwes's Spouse(s)?

Lisa Marie Kurbikoff ‚Äč(m. 2000)

Who is Cary Elwes?

Cary Elwes is an English actor and writer. He is best known for his leading film roles as Westley in The Princess Bride (1987), Robin Hood in Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993), and Dr. Lawrence Gordon in the Saw film series. He is also known for his performances in films like Glory (1989), Hot Shots! (1991), The Jungle Book (1994), Days of Thunder (1990), Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992), Twister (1996), Kiss the Girls (1997), Liar Liar (1997), Cradle Will Rock (1999), Shadow of the Vampire (2000), The Cat's Meow (2001), Ella Enchanted (2004), The Alphabet Killer (2008), A Christmas Carol (2009), and No Strings Attached (2011). He has appeared on television in a number of series including The X-Files, Seinfeld, From the Earth to the Moon, Psych, Life in Pieces, Stranger Things, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

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