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Charlotte Jordan Charlotte Jordan is an actress who was born in Chobham, Surrey, England in 01/06/1995 and is now 27 years old. Charlotte Jordan has a net worth of $3 Million.

How old is Charlotte Jordan?

Charlotte Jordan is 27 years old.

What is Charlotte Jordan Net Worth?

Charlotte Jordan's net worth is $3 Million.

What is Charlotte Jordan Birthday?

Charlotte Jordan's birthday is 01/06/1995.

What is Charlotte Jordan Zodiac Sign?

Charlotte Jordan's zodiac sign is Gemini.

What is Charlotte Jordan's Real Birth Name?

Charlotte Jordan's real birth name is Charlotte Jordan Evans.

Where is Charlotte Jordan's Birthplace?

Charlotte Jordan's birthplace is Chobham, Surrey, England.

How Tall is Charlotte Jordan?

Charlotte Jordan height is 5'1''.

What is Charlotte Jordan Nationality?

Charlotte Jordan nationality is .

What are Charlotte Jordan's Professions?

Charlotte Jordan's professions are Actress.

Who is Charlotte Jordan?

Charlotte Jordan is an English actress, known for her roles as Gaby Grant in the Netflix series Free Rein and Daisy Midgeley in the ITV soap opera Coronation Street. Charlotte Jordan Evans was born on 1 June 1995 in Chobham, Surrey. She attended Oakfield School, a private school in Pyrford, as well as the Susan Robinson School of Ballet in Byfleet. While attending school, she competed in ballet, singing and acting competitions, and achieved a distinction in all of her examinations. Jordan made her professional acting debut in an episode of The Bill broadcast in 2007, under the name of Charlie Evans.While under that name, she also portrayed the role of Serena in the Nickelodeon series Summer in Transylvania from 2011 to 2012. In 2012, she also joined a pop group created by Geri Halliwell. In 2016, she began acting under the name Charlotte Jordan, and made her debut film appearance in Angel of Decay, as well as making an appearance in the BBC medical drama Casualty. In 2018, Jordan was cast in the Netflix drama series Free Rein as Gaby Grant; she portrayed the role for two series and also starred in Free Rein Christmas and Valentine-themed films. In 2019, she co-wrote and produced a short film titled Tracks. A year later, it was announced that Jordan had joined the ITV soap opera Coronation Street as Daisy Midgeley.

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