Chris Berman

Chris Berman Age, Net Worth, Height, Facts
Chris Berman is a journalist who was born in Greenwich, Connecticut in 10/05/1955 and is now 68 years old. Chris Berman has a net worth of $30 Million.

How old is Chris Berman?

Chris Berman is 68 years old.

What is Chris Berman Net Worth?

Chris Berman's net worth is $30 Million.

What is Chris Berman Birthday?

Chris Berman's birthday is 10/05/1955.

What is Chris Berman Zodiac Sign?

Chris Berman's zodiac sign is Taurus.

What is Chris Berman's Real Birth Name?

Chris Berman's real birth name is Christopher James Berman.

Where is Chris Berman's Birthplace?

Chris Berman's birthplace is Greenwich, Connecticut.

How Tall is Chris Berman?

Chris Berman height is 6'4''.

What is Chris Berman Nationality?

Chris Berman nationality is .

What are Chris Berman's Professions?

Chris Berman's professions are Announcer, Journalist, Newscaster, Sports Commentator.

Who is Chris Berman's Spouse(s)?

Katherine Alexinski ​(m. 1983; died 2017)

Who is Chris Berman?

Christopher Berman nicknamed "Boomer", is an American sportscaster. He has been an anchor for SportsCenter on ESPN since 1979, joining a month after its initial launch, and hosted the network's Sunday NFL Countdown program from 1985 to 2016. He has also anchored Monday Night Countdown, U.S. Open golf, the Stanley Cup Finals, and other programming on ESPN and ABC Sports. Berman calls play-by-play of select Major League Baseball games for ESPN, which included the Home Run Derby until 2016. A six-time honoree of the National Sports Media Association's "National Sportscaster of the Year" award, Berman was instrumental in establishing ESPN's lasting popularity during the network's formative years. He is well known for his various catchphrases and quirky demeanor. In January 2017, ESPN announced that Berman would be stepping down from several NFL-related roles at the network, but would remain at the company.In May 2021, Berman signed a multiyear contract with ESPN to continue to host NFL PrimeTime.

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