Dallas Liu

Dallas Liu is an actor who was born in Los Angeles, California, U.S. in 21/08/2001 and is now 23 years old. Dallas Liu has a net worth of $2.5 Million.

What is Dallas Liu Net Worth?

Dallas Liu's net worth is US $2.5 Million.

Who is Dallas Liu?

Dallas Liu is an American actor. Liu made his acting debut as young Jin Kazama in Tekken (2009). He has gone on to appear in the television series PEN15 as Shuji Ishii-Peters and as Carter in Legendary Dudas. He portrays Prince Zuko in the Netflix series Avatar: The Last Airbender, a live-action remake of the animated series of the same name.

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How old is Dallas Liu?

Dallas Liu is 23 years old.

What is Dallas Liu Birthday?

Dallas Liu's birthday is 21/08/2001.

What is Dallas Liu Zodiac Sign?

Dallas Liu's zodiac sign is Leo.

What is Dallas Liu's Real Birth Name?

Dallas Liu's real birth name is Dallas Liu.

Where is Dallas Liu's Birthplace?

Dallas Liu's birthplace is Los Angeles, California, U.S..

How Tall is Dallas Liu?

Dallas Liu height is 5'10'' (177.8 cm).

What is Dallas Liu Nationality?

Dallas Liu nationality is .

What are Dallas Liu's Professions?

Dallas Liu's professions are Actor.

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