Doğaç Yıldız Age, Net Worth, Height, Facts

Doğaç Yıldız Net Worth, Age, Height & Biography

Doğaç Yıldız is an actor who was born in Üsküdar, İstanbul, Turkey in 16/09/1991 and is now 32 years old. Doğaç Yıldız has a net worth of $150 Thousand.

What is Doğaç Yıldız Net Worth?

Doğaç Yıldız's net worth is 150 Thousand.

How old is Doğaç Yıldız?

Doğaç Yıldız is 32 years old.

What is Doğaç Yıldız Birthday?

Doğaç Yıldız's birthday is 16/09/1991.

What is Doğaç Yıldız Zodiac Sign?

Doğaç Yıldız's zodiac sign is Virgo.

What is Doğaç Yıldız's Real Birth Name?

Doğaç Yıldız's real birth name is Doğaç Yıldız.

Where is Doğaç Yıldız's Birthplace?

Doğaç Yıldız's birthplace is Üsküdar, İstanbul, Turkey.

How Tall is Doğaç Yıldız?

Doğaç Yıldız height is 5'10''.

What is Doğaç Yıldız Nationality?

Doğaç Yıldız nationality is .

What are Doğaç Yıldız's Professions?

Doğaç Yıldız's professions are Actor.

Who is Doğaç Yıldız?

Doğaç Yıldız is a Turkish actor known for his roles in TV, film, and theater. He was born in Üsküdar to State Theater actors Seda Yıldız and Sevinç Erol. After living in Trabzon with his family until the age of 4, he returned to Istanbul. He started his acting career at the age of 8 with the film “Babamı Hırsızlar Çaldı”. He gained recognition for his role in the TV series “İki Aile”. He completed his education in the Theater Department of Mimar Sinan University.

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