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Ece Barak Age Net Worth Height

Ece Barak Ece Barak is a musician who was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 16/01/1992 and is now 30 years old. Ece Barak has a net worth of $200 Thousand.

How old is Ece Barak?

Ece Barak is 30 years old.

What is Ece Barak Net Worth?

Ece Barak's net worth is $200 Thousand.

What is Ece Barak Birthday?

Ece Barak's birthday is 16/01/1992.

What is Ece Barak Zodiac Sign?

Ece Barak's zodiac sign is Capricornus.

What is Ece Barak's Real Birth Name?

Ece Barak's real birth name is Ece Barak.

Where is Ece Barak's Birthplace?

Ece Barak's birthplace is Istanbul, Turkey.

How Tall is Ece Barak?

Ece Barak height is 5'5''.

What is Ece Barak Nationality?

Ece Barak nationality is .

What are Ece Barak's Professions?

Ece Barak's professions are Singer, Songwriter.

Who is Ece Barak?

Ece Barak is a Turkish pop singer, songwriter and composer. He was born in 1992 in Istanbul. Ece, who was introduced to music at a young age, took solfeggio and violin lessons in the early stages. Ece, who was interested in her own music and working on her own music until her university years, founded the Frothy Tune group with her friends whom she met at the university music club. The group took the stage and gave concerts in many venues and events. In 2018, he released his song "Yeni Bir Şans" with Emir Ersoy. This work, which made quite a splash, was followed by the single "Ilk Love", and both songs were featured in the 4N1K TV series and movie. Ece Barak, who brought her single work "Away" together with her listeners in 2019 with the European Music label, released her singles "Loser", "Destroyed", "On Guard" with Ahmet Portakal, "Deniz Break" and finally "Memories" in 2020. In May 2021, his single "Güneş Açtı", written and composed by him, was released.

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