Hatice Şendil Age, Net Worth, Height, Facts

Hatice Şendil Net Worth, Age, Height & Biography

Hatice Şendil is an actor who was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 02/08/1983 and is now 40 years old. Hatice Şendil has a net worth of $450 Thousand.

What is Hatice Şendil Net Worth?

Hatice Şendil's net worth is 450 Thousand.

How old is Hatice Şendil?

Hatice Şendil is 40 years old.

What is Hatice Şendil Birthday?

Hatice Şendil's birthday is 02/08/1983.

What is Hatice Şendil Zodiac Sign?

Hatice Şendil's zodiac sign is Leo.

What is Hatice Şendil's Real Birth Name?

Hatice Şendil's real birth name is Hatice Şendil.

Where is Hatice Şendil's Birthplace?

Hatice Şendil's birthplace is Istanbul, Turkey.

How Tall is Hatice Şendil?

Hatice Şendil height is 5'8'' (172.72 cm).

What is Hatice Şendil Nationality?

Hatice Şendil nationality is .

What are Hatice Şendil's Professions?

Hatice Şendil's professions are Actress.

Who is Hatice Şendil's Spouse(s)?

Burak Sağyaşar ​(m. 2015)

Who is Hatice Şendil?

Hatice Şendil is a Turkish actress and model. She has starred in many Turkish movies and series including Karadağlar, Dila Hanım, Kaderimin Yazıldığı Gün and Uyanış: Büyük Selçuklu. Hatice Şendil was born on 2 August 1983 in Istanbul and was raised in Antalya. Her mother is from Istanbul and her father is from Antalya. She has two sisters. She majored in business. In 2001, she competed in Miss Turkey and was placed third. As a result, she represented her country in Miss Europe beauty pageant and earned the fourth place.In 2001, she had a role in the music video for Çelik Erişçi's song "Töre". Meanwhile, she took acting and horse racing lessons. In the following years she appeared in supporting roles in various TV series. In 2008, she was cast in Kurtlar Vadisi Pusu as Ebru Alemdar.In 2010, she got a role in the series Karadağlar alongside Erdal Özyağcılar, İbrahim Çelikkol, Korel Cezayirli, Burak Sağyaşar, Ahmet Rıfat Şungar and Güzin Özyağcılar. She portrayed the character of Gülhayat in this series. The main breakthrough in her acting career came in 2012, with the leading role in the TV series Dila Hanım alongside Erkan Petekkaya, Mahir Günşiray, Necip Memili and Yonca Cevher. In 2014, she was cast opposite Özcan Deniz in the series Kaderimin Yazıldığı Gün, which received high ratings in Turkey. She also began acting in the drama series Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu, with the role of Terken Hatun in 2020. She is married to producer and fellow actor Burak Sağyaşar in 2015.Their son, Can, was born in 2017.

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