Jacob Scipio

Jacob Scipio Age, Net Worth, Height, Facts
Jacob Scipio is an actor who was born in Islington, London, England in 10/01/1993 and is now 30 years old. Jacob Scipio has a net worth of $5 Million.

How old is Jacob Scipio?

Jacob Scipio is 30 years old.

What is Jacob Scipio Net Worth?

Jacob Scipio's net worth is $5 Million.

What is Jacob Scipio Birthday?

Jacob Scipio's birthday is 10/01/1993.

What is Jacob Scipio Zodiac Sign?

Jacob Scipio's zodiac sign is Capricornus.

What is Jacob Scipio's Real Birth Name?

Jacob Scipio's real birth name is Jacob Muntaz Scipio.

Where is Jacob Scipio's Birthplace?

Jacob Scipio's birthplace is Islington, London, England.

How Tall is Jacob Scipio?

Jacob Scipio height is 5'9''.

What is Jacob Scipio Nationality?

Jacob Scipio nationality is .

What are Jacob Scipio's Professions?

Jacob Scipio's professions are Actor, Writer.

Who is Jacob Scipio?

Jacob Scipio is an English actor and writer from London. In 2020, he played villain Armando Aretas in the action comedy Bad Boys for Life, directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, and starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. In 2016, Scipio co-founded CPO Productions.In that time he has written and starred in The Writers Group (2018) and Cowboys & Angels (2016), short films that premiered at the Cannes Court M├ętrage and London screenings at the British Film Institute. Scipio's acting career started in television with leading roles in Some Girls (BBC),As the Bell Rings (Disney) and White Teeth (Channel 4).

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