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Jenna Ortega Age Net Worth Height

Jenna Ortega Jenna Ortega is an actress who was born in Coachella Valley, California, U.S. in 27/09/2002 and is now 20 years old. Jenna Ortega has a net worth of $4 Million.

How old is Jenna Ortega?

Jenna Ortega is 20 years old.

What is Jenna Ortega Net Worth?

Jenna Ortega's net worth is $4 Million.

What is Jenna Ortega Birthday?

Jenna Ortega's birthday is 27/09/2002.

What is Jenna Ortega Zodiac Sign?

Jenna Ortega's zodiac sign is Libra.

What is Jenna Ortega's Real Birth Name?

Jenna Ortega's real birth name is Jenna Marie Ortega.

Where is Jenna Ortega's Birthplace?

Jenna Ortega's birthplace is Coachella Valley, California, U.S..

How Tall is Jenna Ortega?

Jenna Ortega height is 5'1''.

What is Jenna Ortega Nationality?

Jenna Ortega nationality is .

What are Jenna Ortega's Professions?

Jenna Ortega's professions are Actress.

Who is Jenna Ortega's Partner(s)?

Asher Angel Jacob Sartorius

Who is Jenna Ortega?

Jenna Ortega is an American actress. She began her career as a child actor, with roles in films such as Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013), Iron Man 3 (2013) and The Little Rascals Save the Day (2014). She received recognition for her role as Young Jane on The CW comedy-drama series Jane the Virgin (2014–2019), and had her breakthrough for starring as Harley Diaz on the Disney Channel series Stuck in the Middle (2016–2018), which won her the Imagen Award for Best Young Actor on Television in 2018, and voicing Princess Isabel on the Disney Channel animated series Elena of Avalor (2016–2020). Ortega began making her transition to mainstream film and television starring as Ellie Alves on the Netflix thriller series You (2018–present), and subsequently starred in the Netflix films The Babysitter: Killer Queen (2020) and Yes Day (2021) and the horror films Studio 666 and X (both 2022). She received critical acclaim for her role as Vada in the drama The Fallout (2022), which is considered her breakout film performance. Her highest-grossing film came with the role of Tara Carpenter in the slasher-blockbuster film Scream (2022). She currently voices Brooklyn on the Netflix animated series Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous (2020–present), and has several upcoming projects. Aside from acting, Ortega has been noted for her philanthropy as well as her public image. She was listed first on PopSugar's "20 Under 20" list in 2020. In 2022, she was dubbed the "Next Big Thing" by The Hollywood Reporter,and was established as a scream queen. She is also known for her activism for LGBT rights and against discrimination.

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