Jesseca Dupart Age, Net Worth, Height, Facts

Jesseca Dupart Net Worth, Age, Height & Biography

Jesseca Dupart is an entrepreneur who was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S. in 12/02/1982 and is now 41 years old. Jesseca Dupart has a net worth of $8 Million.

What is Jesseca Dupart Net Worth?

Jesseca Dupart's net worth is 8 Million.

How old is Jesseca Dupart?

Jesseca Dupart is 41 years old.

What is Jesseca Dupart Birthday?

Jesseca Dupart's birthday is 12/02/1982.

What is Jesseca Dupart Zodiac Sign?

Jesseca Dupart's zodiac sign is Aquarius.

What is Jesseca Dupart's Real Birth Name?

Jesseca Dupart's real birth name is Jesseca Faye Dupart.

Where is Jesseca Dupart's Birthplace?

Jesseca Dupart's birthplace is New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S..

How Tall is Jesseca Dupart?

Jesseca Dupart height is 5'3''.

What is Jesseca Dupart Nationality?

Jesseca Dupart nationality is .

What are Jesseca Dupart's Professions?

Jesseca Dupart's professions are Entrepreneur.

Who is Jesseca Dupart's Spouse(s)?

Da Brat ​(m. 2022)

Who is Jesseca Dupart?

Jesseca Faye Harris-Dupart is an American entrepreneur and the founder and chief executive officer of Kaleidoscope Hair Products.She was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana and founded Kaleidoscope Hair Studio in 2013 in New Orleans as a single mother. Her salon burned down in December 2013 and she reopened it in July 2014 and introduced the Kaleidoscope Hair Products.In 2018, Kaleidoscope sales went from $100,000 a month at the start of the year to $1 million by the end of March.

In 2019 she was awarded the Key to the City of New Orleans by the mayor of New Orleans, LaToya Cantrell, to recognize the philanthropy and business she has contributed to in the area.

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