Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart Age, Net Worth, Height, Facts
Jon Stewart is a comedian who was born in New York City, New York, U.S. in 28/11/1962 and is now 61 years old. Jon Stewart has a net worth of $125 Million.

How old is Jon Stewart?

Jon Stewart is 61 years old.

What is Jon Stewart Net Worth?

Jon Stewart's net worth is $125 Million.

What is Jon Stewart Birthday?

Jon Stewart's birthday is 28/11/1962.

What is Jon Stewart Zodiac Sign?

Jon Stewart's zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

What is Jon Stewart's Real Birth Name?

Jon Stewart's real birth name is Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz.

Where is Jon Stewart's Birthplace?

Jon Stewart's birthplace is New York City, New York, U.S..

How Tall is Jon Stewart?

Jon Stewart height is 5'7''.

What is Jon Stewart Nationality?

Jon Stewart nationality is .

What are Jon Stewart's Professions?

Jon Stewart's professions are Actor, Comedian, Director, Political commentator, Producer, Television Host, Writer.

Who is Jon Stewart's Spouse(s)?

Tracey McShane ​(m. 2000)

Who is Jon Stewart?

Jon Stewart is an American comedian, writer, producer, director, political commentator, actor, and television host. He hosted The Daily Show, a satirical news program on Comedy Central, from 1999 to 2015. He now hosts The Problem with Jon Stewart, which premiered September 2021 on Apple TV+. Stewart started as a stand-up comedian but branched into television as host of Short Attention Span Theater for Comedy Central. He went on to host You Wrote It, You Watch It (1992–1993) and then The Jon Stewart Show (1993–1995), both on MTV, until The Jon Stewart Show was retooled, dropped by the network and moved to syndication. He has also appeared in several films, including Big Daddy (1999) and Death to Smoochy (2002), but did few cinematic projects after becoming host of The Daily Show in 1999, where he also was a writer and co-executive producer. After Stewart joined it, The Daily Show steadily gained popularity and critical acclaim, and during his tenure, won 22 Primetime Emmy Awards, two Grammy Awards, and was nominated for news and journalism awards. Stewart hosted the 78th and 80th Academy Awards. He is the co-author of America (The Book): A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction, one of the best-selling books in the US in 2004, and Earth (The Book): A Visitor's Guide to the Human Race, released in 2010. Since leaving The Daily Show, Stewart has mostly maintained a low profile in entertainment industry circles, but has used his celebrity and voice in a sustained advocacy for 9/11 first responders and war veterans' health benefits. In 2019, he received the New York City Bronze Medallion for his "tireless advocacy, inspiration, and leadership (helping to) pass the permanent authorization of the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund Act".

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