Josh Leyva

Josh Leyva is an actor who was born in Los Angeles, California, USA in 27/12/1989 and is now 35 years old. Josh Leyva has a net worth of $2 Million.

What is Josh Leyva Net Worth?

Josh Leyva's net worth is US $2 Million.

Who is Josh Leyva?

Josh Leyva is an actor and director known for his work in various film and television projects. Born on December 27, 1989, in Los Angeles, California, USA, Josh has made significant contributions to the entertainment industry.
Some of his notable works include:
“Gaylo Returns” (2017): In this project, Josh Leyva likely plays a role in the film, which appears to be a sequel or part of a series titled “Gaylo.”
“Josh Leyva” (2011): This could be a self-titled project, possibly a short film or a production showcasing his talents as an actor or director.
“The AXI: The Avengers of Extreme Illusions” (2011): In this project, Josh Leyva may have played a role as part of the ensemble cast, possibly in a superhero-themed production centered around the concept of extreme illusions.
Josh Leyva’s involvement in these projects highlights his versatility as both an actor and director, and his contributions have likely left an impact on audiences within the realm of film and entertainment.


How old is Josh Leyva?

Josh Leyva is 35 years old.

What is Josh Leyva Birthday?

Josh Leyva's birthday is 27/12/1989.

What is Josh Leyva Zodiac Sign?

Josh Leyva's zodiac sign is Capricornus.

What is Josh Leyva's Real Birth Name?

Josh Leyva's real birth name is Joshua Jovany Leyva.

Where is Josh Leyva's Birthplace?

Josh Leyva's birthplace is Los Angeles, California, USA.

How Tall is Josh Leyva?

Josh Leyva height is 6'3'' (190.5 cm).

What is Josh Leyva Nationality?

Josh Leyva nationality is .

What are Josh Leyva's Professions?

Josh Leyva's professions are Actor, Director.

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