Laverne Cox

Laverne Cox Age, Net Worth, Height, Facts
Laverne Cox is an actress who was born in Mobile, Alabama in 29/05/1972 and is now 51 years old. Laverne Cox has a net worth of $4 Million.

How old is Laverne Cox?

Laverne Cox is 51 years old.

What is Laverne Cox Net Worth?

Laverne Cox's net worth is $4 Million.

What is Laverne Cox Birthday?

Laverne Cox's birthday is 29/05/1972.

What is Laverne Cox Zodiac Sign?

Laverne Cox's zodiac sign is Gemini.

What is Laverne Cox's Real Birth Name?

Laverne Cox's real birth name is Laverne Cox.

Where is Laverne Cox's Birthplace?

Laverne Cox's birthplace is Mobile, Alabama.

How Tall is Laverne Cox?

Laverne Cox height is 5'11''.

What is Laverne Cox Nationality?

Laverne Cox nationality is .

What are Laverne Cox's Professions?

Laverne Cox's professions are Actress, Producer.

Who is Laverne Cox?

Laverne Cox is an American actress and LGBT advocate. She rose to prominence with her role as Sophia Burset on the Netflix series Orange Is the New Black, becoming the first transgender person to be nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award in any acting category,and the first to be nominated for an Emmy Award since composer Angela Morley in 1990. In 2015, she won a Daytime Emmy Award in Outstanding Special Class Special as executive producer for Laverne Cox Presents: The T Word, making her the first transgender woman to win the award. In 2017, she became the first transgender person to play a transgender series regular on US broadcast TV as Cameron Wirth on CBS's Doubt. Cox appeared as a contestant on the first season of VH1's reality show I Want to Work for Diddy, and co-produced and co-hosted the VH1 makeover television series TRANSform Me. In April 2014, Cox was honored by GLAAD with its Stephen F. Kolzak Award for her work as an advocate for the transgender community.In June 2014, Cox became the first transgender person to appear on the cover of Time magazine.Cox is the first transgender person to appear on the cover of a Cosmopolitan magazine, with her February 2018 cover on the South African edition.She is also the first transgender person to have a wax figure of herself at Madame Tussauds.

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