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Layla Crawford Age Net Worth Height

Layla Crawford Layla Crawford is an actress who was born in Los Angeles, CA in 12/10/2004 and is now 18 years old. Layla Crawford has a net worth of $800 Thousand.

How old is Layla Crawford?

Layla Crawford is 18 years old.

What is Layla Crawford Net Worth?

Layla Crawford's net worth is $800 Thousand.

What is Layla Crawford Birthday?

Layla Crawford's birthday is 12/10/2004.

What is Layla Crawford Zodiac Sign?

Layla Crawford's zodiac sign is Libra.

What is Layla Crawford's Real Birth Name?

Layla Crawford's real birth name is Layla Crawford.

Where is Layla Crawford's Birthplace?

Layla Crawford's birthplace is Los Angeles, CA.

How Tall is Layla Crawford?

Layla Crawford height is 5'3''.

What is Layla Crawford Nationality?

Layla Crawford nationality is .

What are Layla Crawford's Professions?

Layla Crawford's professions are Actress, Dancer.

Who is Layla Crawford?

Layla Crawford is an actress who has lately began out performing in films and TV series. She grew in a secure and loving surroundings of her dad and mom and family. She has constantly been fascinated and energetic in arts in preference to most effective formal studies. During the college and excessive college life, she wrote the poet, practiced music, and dance together along with her coronary heart out. With all the ones talents, she selected performing as her ardour and began out to pursue a profession in performing.

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