Lewis Brice Age, Net Worth, Height, Facts

Lewis Brice Net Worth, Age, Height & Biography

Lewis Brice is a musician who was born in California, United States in 10/06/1979 and is now 44 years old. Lewis Brice has a net worth of $5.5 Million.

What is Lewis Brice Net Worth?

Lewis Brice's net worth is 5.5 Million.

How old is Lewis Brice?

Lewis Brice is 44 years old.

What is Lewis Brice Birthday?

Lewis Brice's birthday is 10/06/1979.

What is Lewis Brice Zodiac Sign?

Lewis Brice's zodiac sign is Gemini.

What is Lewis Brice's Real Birth Name?

Lewis Brice's real birth name is Lewis Brice.

Where is Lewis Brice's Birthplace?

Lewis Brice's birthplace is California, United States.

How Tall is Lewis Brice?

Lewis Brice height is 6'0''.

What is Lewis Brice Nationality?

Lewis Brice nationality is .

What are Lewis Brice's Professions?

Lewis Brice's professions are Singer, Songwriter.

Who is Lewis Brice's Spouse(s)?

Denelle Manzer

Who is Lewis Brice?

Lee Brice is a highly esteemed and financially successful country singer, renowned for his remarkable contributions to the genre. Born on June 10, 1979, in Sumter, South Carolina, United States, he has established himself as a prominent figure within the country music landscape.

Brice’s talents extend beyond performing, as he has also showcased his prowess in songwriting. He has penned compositions for a multitude of accomplished country artists, a noteworthy example being his work for the iconic Garth Brooks.

As an accomplished country singer, Brice has debuted songs that have achieved platinum status, including notable tracks like “Love Like Crazy,” “A Woman Like You,” and “Hard to Love.” His hit single “I Don’t Dance” garnered significant acclaim, earning the distinction of Single Record Best of 2015 at the ACM Awards, further solidifying his status as a leading artist within the country music realm.

With a career marked by chart-topping hits and a reputation as a skilled songwriter, Lee Brice’s contributions have undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the country music scene.

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