Loni Love

Loni Love Age, Net Worth, Height, Facts
Loni Love is a comedian who was born in Detroit, Michigan, U.S. in 14/07/1971 and is now 52 years old. Loni Love has a net worth of $1000 Thousand.

How old is Loni Love?

Loni Love is 52 years old.

What is Loni Love Net Worth?

Loni Love's net worth is $1000 Thousand.

What is Loni Love Birthday?

Loni Love's birthday is 14/07/1971.

What is Loni Love Zodiac Sign?

Loni Love's zodiac sign is Cancer.

What is Loni Love's Real Birth Name?

Loni Love's real birth name is Loni Love.

Where is Loni Love's Birthplace?

Loni Love's birthplace is Detroit, Michigan, U.S..

How Tall is Loni Love?

Loni Love height is 5'6''.

What is Loni Love Nationality?

Loni Love nationality is .

What are Loni Love's Professions?

Loni Love's professions are Actress, Author, Comedian, Television Host.

Who is Loni Love's Partner(s)?

James Welsh (2018–present)

Who is Loni Love?

Loni Love is an American comedian, television host, actress, author, and former electrical engineer. While working as an electrical engineer in the early 2000s, she switched to music engineering, until later launching a career in stand-up comedy. She was the runner-up on Star Search 2003 and was named among the "Top 10 Comics to Watch" in both Variety and Comedy Central in 2009. She is one of the co-hosts of the syndicated daytime talk show The Real which premiered on July 15, 2013.

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