Lucas Cruikshank

Lucas Cruikshank is a social media celebrity who was born in Columbus, Nebraska, U.S. in 29/08/1993 and is now 31 years old. Lucas Cruikshank has a net worth of $5 Million.

What is Lucas Cruikshank Net Worth?

Lucas Cruikshank's net worth is US $5 Million.

Who is Lucas Cruikshank?

Lucas Alan Cruikshank (born August 29, 1993) is an American YouTuber and actor who created the character Fred Figglehorn and the associated Fred series for his channel on the video-hosting website YouTube in late 2006. These videos are centered on Fred Figglehorn, a fictional six-year-old who has a dysfunctional home life and “anger management issues”.


How old is Lucas Cruikshank?

Lucas Cruikshank is 31 years old.

What is Lucas Cruikshank Birthday?

Lucas Cruikshank's birthday is 29/08/1993.

What is Lucas Cruikshank Zodiac Sign?

Lucas Cruikshank's zodiac sign is Virgo.

What is Lucas Cruikshank's Real Birth Name?

Lucas Cruikshank's real birth name is Lucas Alan Cruikshank.

Where is Lucas Cruikshank's Birthplace?

Lucas Cruikshank's birthplace is Columbus, Nebraska, U.S..

How Tall is Lucas Cruikshank?

Lucas Cruikshank height is 5'8'' (172.72 cm).

What is Lucas Cruikshank Nationality?

Lucas Cruikshank nationality is .

What are Lucas Cruikshank's Professions?

Lucas Cruikshank's professions are Actor, YouTuber.

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