Mary Holland

Mary Holland Age, Net Worth, Height, Facts
Mary Holland is an actress who was born in Galax, Virginia, U.S. in 24/06/1985 and is now 38 years old. Mary Holland has a net worth of $2 Million.

How old is Mary Holland?

Mary Holland is 38 years old.

What is Mary Holland Net Worth?

Mary Holland's net worth is $2 Million.

What is Mary Holland Birthday?

Mary Holland's birthday is 24/06/1985.

What is Mary Holland Zodiac Sign?

Mary Holland's zodiac sign is Cancer.

What is Mary Holland's Real Birth Name?

Mary Holland's real birth name is Mary Holland.

Where is Mary Holland's Birthplace?

Mary Holland's birthplace is Galax, Virginia, U.S..

How Tall is Mary Holland?

Mary Holland height is 5'7''.

What is Mary Holland Nationality?

Mary Holland nationality is .

What are Mary Holland's Professions?

Mary Holland's professions are Actress, Comedian, Writer.

Who is Mary Holland's Spouse(s)?

Matt Newell ‚Äč(m. 2020)

Who is Mary Holland?

Mary Holland is an American actress, comedian, and writer. After graduating from college, she began performing at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. She is a cast member of UCB's flagship show Asssscat. Holland is a member of the comedy improv group Wild Horses, along with Lauren Lapkus, Erin Whitehead, and Stephanie Allynne. In 2015, Holland was cast in the Starz series Blunt Talk,playing Shelly Tinkle until the series' cancellation after two seasons. In 2016, she was cast in a recurring role on the HBO series Veep and in the film Unicorn Store.On February 28, 2017, Holland was cast in the ABC comedy pilot Household Name alongside Carol Burnett. On July 26, 2020, Holland participated in the Sequester: Undercover Mini in which she played as the Lemon. All donations for Holland's participation went to the Black Trans Travel Fund. Also in 2020, she guest starred in the final episode of season ten of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

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