Morgz Age, Net Worth, Height, Facts
Morgz is an influencer who was born in Sheffield, England in 06/08/2001 and is now 22 years old. Morgz has a net worth of $4 Million.

How old is Morgz?

Morgz is 22 years old.

What is Morgz Net Worth?

Morgz's net worth is $4 Million.

What is Morgz Birthday?

Morgz's birthday is 06/08/2001.

What is Morgz Zodiac Sign?

Morgz's zodiac sign is Leo.

What is Morgz's Real Birth Name?

Morgz's real birth name is Morgan Hudson.

Where is Morgz's Birthplace?

Morgz's birthplace is Sheffield, England.

How Tall is Morgz?

Morgz height is 6'3''.

What is Morgz Nationality?

Morgz nationality is .

What are Morgz's Professions?

Morgz's professions are Content creator, Vlogger, YouTuber.

Who is Morgz's Partner(s)?

Tamzin Taber

Who is Morgz?

Morgan Hudson higher regarded on-line as Morgz, is a British YouTuber regarded for his pranks, challenges, sketches, and vlogs. He is widely recognized all through the network as YouTube's maximum notorious prankster and vlogger, growing movies just like the Pause Challenge, and called one of the maximum famous YouTube prank channels. Morgan was widely recognized from FIFA till he moved on as a vlogger and has on account that received large fulfillment out of it. Infamous for his three AM movies, Morgan is frequently known as infantile and over-exaggerated, as his movies are more often than not for younger viewers. Morgan's mother, Jill Hudson, is a large a part of Morgz's channel, frequently being featured in quite a few his movies both as a visitor or a prank 'victim'.

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