Nicole Richie Age, Net Worth, Height, Facts

Nicole Richie Net Worth, Age, Height & Biography

Nicole Richie is a musician who was born in Berkeley, California, U.S. in 21/09/1981 and is now 42 years old. Nicole Richie has a net worth of $43 Million.

What is Nicole Richie Net Worth?

Nicole Richie's net worth is 43 Million.

How old is Nicole Richie?

Nicole Richie is 42 years old.

What is Nicole Richie Birthday?

Nicole Richie's birthday is 21/09/1981.

What is Nicole Richie Zodiac Sign?

Nicole Richie's zodiac sign is Virgo.

What is Nicole Richie's Real Birth Name?

Nicole Richie's real birth name is Nicole Camille Escovedo.

Where is Nicole Richie's Birthplace?

Nicole Richie's birthplace is Berkeley, California, U.S..

How Tall is Nicole Richie?

Nicole Richie height is 5'1'' (154.94 cm).

What is Nicole Richie Nationality?

Nicole Richie nationality is .

What are Nicole Richie's Professions?

Nicole Richie's professions are Actress, Fashion Designer, Musician, Singer, Television Personality.

Who is Nicole Richie's Spouse(s)?

Joel Madden ​(m. 2010)

Who is Nicole Richie?

Nicole Richie is an American television personality, fashion designer, musician and actress. She came to prominence after appearing in the reality television series The Simple Life (2003–2007), in which she starred alongside her childhood friend and fellow socialite Paris Hilton. Richie's personal life attracted media attention during the series' five-year run and thereafter. Following the conclusion of The Simple Life, Richie continued her career in television, appearing as one of the three judges on the reality competition series Fashion Star (2012–2013). She later starred in the unscripted comedy series Candidly Nicole (2014–2015), which ran for two seasons. From 2017 to 2018, Richie starred in her first series regular acting role as Portia Scott-Griffith in the sitcom Great News. In 2020, she became a judge on the reality competition series Making the Cut. In fashion, she is the founder of the lifestyle brand House of Harlow. Richie has also published two novels.

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