Öykü Karayel Age Net Worth | Height Facts

Öykü Karayel Age Net Worth Height

Öykü Karayel Öykü Karayel is an actress who was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 21/08/1990 and is now 32 years old. Öykü Karayel has a net worth of $500 Thousand.

How old is Öykü Karayel?

Öykü Karayel is 32 years old.

What is Öykü Karayel Net Worth?

Öykü Karayel's net worth is $500 Thousand.

What is Öykü Karayel Birthday?

Öykü Karayel's birthday is 21/08/1990.

What is Öykü Karayel Zodiac Sign?

Öykü Karayel's zodiac sign is Leo.

What is Öykü Karayel's Real Birth Name?

Öykü Karayel's real birth name is Öykü Karayel.

Where is Öykü Karayel's Birthplace?

Öykü Karayel's birthplace is Istanbul, Turkey.

How Tall is Öykü Karayel?

Öykü Karayel height is 5'1''.

What is Öykü Karayel Nationality?

Öykü Karayel nationality is .

What are Öykü Karayel's Professions?

Öykü Karayel's professions are Actress.

Who is Öykü Karayel's Spouse(s)?

Can Bonomo (m. 2018)

Who is Öykü Karayel?

Öykü Karayel is a Turkish actress. Born in 1990 in Istanbul, Öykü Karayel graduated from Çemberlitaş Girls High School. She has a twin sister. After receiving a short period of training at Kenter Theater, she entered the Theater Department of the State Conservatory of Istanbul University in 2007.While she was still a conservatory student she played the lead character of Ayşe in the theatre Güzel Şeyler Bizim Tarafta. Her performance in a play at Theatre Krek was drawn to the attention of the screenwriter Ece Yörenç. At the time he was searching a new actor for the TV series Kuzey Güney to play the character Cemre and she was chosen for it. At the end of June 2017 she started acting in a TV series called Kalp Atışı playing the role of Eylül Erdem

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