Per Gessle

Per Gessle is a musician who was born in Halmstad, Sweden in 12/01/1959 and is now 65 years old. Per Gessle has a net worth of $150 Million.

What is Per Gessle Net Worth?

Per Gessle's net worth is US $150 Million.

Who is Per Gessle?

Per Håkan Gessle (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈpæːr ˈhôːkan ˈɡɛ̂sːlɛ] ⓘ; born 12 January 1959) is a Swedish singer, songwriter and guitarist. He is best known as the male half and primary songwriter of the pop rock duo Roxette, which he formed with Marie Fredriksson in 1986 and which was disbanded after her death in 2019. The duo achieved international success in the late 1980s and early 1990s with their albums Look Sharp! (1988) and Joyride (1991), and topped the charts in the US four times, most notably with “It Must Have Been Love” which was featured in the film Pretty Woman. Prior to the formation of Roxette, he had a successful career in his native Sweden as the frontman for Gyllene Tider. The band released three number-one albums during the early 1980s but disbanded shortly after their fourth album, The Heartland Café (1984).

In-between periods in Roxette and Gyllene Tider reunions, Gessle recorded numerous solo albums, both in Swedish and English. After Fredriksson’s illness in 2002 he released Mazarin (2003). The album was a critical and commercial success for Gessle and started the beginning of a long-term collaboration with the backing vocalist Helena Josefsson. With Fredriksson’s continued treatment and recuperation he made three more albums, Son of a Plumber (2005), En händig man (A handy man, 2007) and Party Crasher (2008). After Roxette’s Neverending World Tour finished in 2015 he produced another set of solo efforts, En vacker natt (2017), En vacker dag (2017) and Small Town Talk (2018). In 2016 he started using the pseudonym Mono Mind, first releasing a few singles before delivering a full album, Mind Control, in 2019. Gessle was the main songwriter for both Roxette and Gyllene Tider.


How old is Per Gessle?

Per Gessle is 65 years old.

What is Per Gessle Birthday?

Per Gessle's birthday is 12/01/1959.

What is Per Gessle Zodiac Sign?

Per Gessle's zodiac sign is Capricornus.

What is Per Gessle's Real Birth Name?

Per Gessle's real birth name is Per Håkan Gessle.

Where is Per Gessle's Birthplace?

Per Gessle's birthplace is Halmstad, Sweden.

How Tall is Per Gessle?

Per Gessle height is 6'0'' (182.88 cm).

What is Per Gessle Nationality?

Per Gessle nationality is .

What are Per Gessle's Professions?

Per Gessle's professions are Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter.

Who is Per Gessle's Spouse(s)?

Åsa Nordin (m. 1993)

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