Pierre Karl Péladeau Age, Net Worth, Height, Facts

Pierre Karl Péladeau Net Worth, Age, Height & Biography

Pierre Karl Péladeau is a business person who was born in Montreal, Quebec in 16/10/1961 and is now 62 years old. Pierre Karl Péladeau has a net worth of $2 Billion.

What is Pierre Karl Péladeau Net Worth?

Pierre Karl Péladeau's net worth is 2 Billion.

How old is Pierre Karl Péladeau?

Pierre Karl Péladeau is 62 years old.

What is Pierre Karl Péladeau Birthday?

Pierre Karl Péladeau's birthday is 16/10/1961.

What is Pierre Karl Péladeau Zodiac Sign?

Pierre Karl Péladeau's zodiac sign is Libra.

What is Pierre Karl Péladeau's Real Birth Name?

Pierre Karl Péladeau's real birth name is Pierre Karl Péladeau.

Where is Pierre Karl Péladeau's Birthplace?

Pierre Karl Péladeau's birthplace is Montreal, Quebec.

How Tall is Pierre Karl Péladeau?

Pierre Karl Péladeau height is 6'0'' (182.88 cm).

What is Pierre Karl Péladeau Nationality?

Pierre Karl Péladeau nationality is .

What are Pierre Karl Péladeau's Professions?

Pierre Karl Péladeau's professions are Billionaire, Businessperson, Politician.

Who is Pierre Karl Péladeau's Spouse(s)?

Pascale Bourbeau
Julie Snyder (2001–2014, 2015–2016)
Isabelle Hervet (1994–2000)

Who is Pierre Karl Péladeau?

Pierre Karl Péladeau OQ also known by his initials PKP, is a Canadian businessman, billionaire and former politician. He was also the MNA for Saint-Jérôme. Péladeau is the president and CEO of Quebecor Inc. He used to own Sun Media Corporation. Péladeau is seen as a “strong Quebec nationalist” and an influential businessman in Quebec.

Péladeau was the Leader of the Opposition in the Quebec National Assembly from his election as leader of the Parti Québécois on 15 May 2015 until his resignation on 2 May 2016 for family reasons.

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