Ray Davis Age, Net Worth, Height, Facts

Ray Davis Net Worth, Age, Height & Biography

Ray Davis is a business person who was born in United States in 01/01/1941 and is now 82 years old. Ray Davis has a net worth of $4 Billion.

What is Ray Davis Net Worth?

Ray Davis's net worth is 4 Billion.

How old is Ray Davis?

Ray Davis is 82 years old.

What is Ray Davis Birthday?

Ray Davis's birthday is 01/01/1941.

What is Ray Davis Zodiac Sign?

Ray Davis's zodiac sign is Capricornus.

What is Ray Davis's Real Birth Name?

Ray Davis's real birth name is Ray C. Davis .

Where is Ray Davis's Birthplace?

Ray Davis's birthplace is United States.

How Tall is Ray Davis?

Ray Davis height is 6'0'' (182.88 cm).

What is Ray Davis Nationality?

Ray Davis nationality is .

What are Ray Davis's Professions?

Ray Davis's professions are Businessperson.

Who is Ray Davis's Spouse(s)?


Who is Ray Davis?

Ray C. Davis is an American businessman. He served as the co-chief executive officer (CEO) and chairman for Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) and chairman of Energy Transfer Equity (ETE). He is co-owner and co-chairman of the Texas Rangers of Major League Baseball (MLB).

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