Sammy Sosa

Sammy Sosa Age, Net Worth, Height, Facts
Sammy Sosa is an athlete who was born in San Pedro de Macorís, Dominican Republic in 12/11/1968 and is now 55 years old. Sammy Sosa has a net worth of $72 Million.

How old is Sammy Sosa?

Sammy Sosa is 55 years old.

What is Sammy Sosa Net Worth?

Sammy Sosa's net worth is $72 Million.

What is Sammy Sosa Birthday?

Sammy Sosa's birthday is 12/11/1968.

What is Sammy Sosa Zodiac Sign?

Sammy Sosa's zodiac sign is Scorpius.

What is Sammy Sosa's Real Birth Name?

Sammy Sosa's real birth name is Samuel Peralta Sosa.

Where is Sammy Sosa's Birthplace?

Sammy Sosa's birthplace is San Pedro de Macorís, Dominican Republic.

How Tall is Sammy Sosa?

Sammy Sosa height is 6'0''.

What is Sammy Sosa Nationality?

Sammy Sosa nationality is , .

What are Sammy Sosa's Professions?

Sammy Sosa's professions are Baseball Player.

Who is Sammy Sosa's Spouse(s)?

Sonia Rodriguez (e. 1992) Karen Lee Bright (e. 1990–1991)

Who is Sammy Sosa?

Sammy Sosa is a Dominican-American former professional baseball right fielder. He played in Major League Baseball (MLB) for 19 seasons, primarily with the Chicago Cubs. After playing for the Texas Rangers and Chicago White Sox, Sosa joined the Cubs in 1992 and became regarded as one of the game's best hitters. Sosa hit his 400th home run in his 1,354th game and his 5,273rd at-bat, reaching this milestone quicker than any player in National League history. He is one of nine players in MLB history to hit 600 career home runs. In 1998, Sosa and Mark McGwire achieved national fame for their home run-hitting prowess in pursuit of Roger Maris' home run record. With the Cubs, Sosa became a 7-time All-Star while holding numerous team records. He finished his career with stints with the Baltimore Orioles and the Rangers for a second time. With the Rangers, Sosa hit his 600th career home run to become the fifth player in MLB history to reach the milestone. Sosa is second all-time in home runs among foreign-born MLB players and is one of only three National League players since 1900 to reach 160 RBIs in one season (2001). He is also the only player to have hit 60 or more home runs in a single season three times, which he accomplished in 1998, 1999 and 2001. He did not lead the league in home runs in any of those seasons, although he did lead the league in 2000 with 50 home runs, and in 2002 with 49. In a 2005 congressional hearing, Sosa—through his attorney—denied having used performance-enhancing drugs during his playing career.

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