Sarah Magusara Age, Net Worth, Height, Facts

Sarah Magusara Net Worth, Age, Height & Biography

Sarah Magusara is a social media celebrity who was born in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia in 22/08/2001 and is now 22 years old. Sarah Magusara has a net worth of $1.5 Million.

What is Sarah Magusara Net Worth?

Sarah Magusara's net worth is 1.5 Million.

How old is Sarah Magusara?

Sarah Magusara is 22 years old.

What is Sarah Magusara Birthday?

Sarah Magusara's birthday is 22/08/2001.

What is Sarah Magusara Zodiac Sign?

Sarah Magusara's zodiac sign is Leo.

What is Sarah Magusara's Real Birth Name?

Sarah Magusara's real birth name is Sarah Magusara.

Where is Sarah Magusara's Birthplace?

Sarah Magusara's birthplace is Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

How Tall is Sarah Magusara?

Sarah Magusara height is 5'3''.

What is Sarah Magusara Nationality?

Sarah Magusara nationality is .

What are Sarah Magusara's Professions?

Sarah Magusara's professions are Social Media Personality, TikTok Star.

Who is Sarah Magusara?

Sarah Magusara is an Australian vlogger and TikTok sensation of Filipino descent, widely recognized for her diverse content, including comedy sketches, lip-sync performances, travel vlogs, hauls, challenges, Q&As, and dance videos. Her social media influence extends to endorsements with brands like Fashion Nova and Revolve, and she has garnered significant fame on Instagram as well.

On TikTok, Sarah operates under her self-titled account, where she has accumulated an impressive fanbase of 17 million followers. Her content often draws inspiration from fellow social media stars, allowing her to create engaging and relatable videos.

Her social media journey began with Instagram, where she started sharing snapshots of her daily life in October 2014. Over time, she has amassed more than 1.1 million followers on Instagram, showcasing moments with her family and friends.

Sarah Magusara hails from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, and maintains a strong connection to her Filipino heritage. She has a sister named Giselle Magusara. In December 2017, she began dating Pieta Warbrick, and their relationship blossomed. In September 2019, Sarah welcomed her first daughter, Zamira Rose, marking a significant milestone in her personal life. In July 2022, she joyfully announced on Instagram and TikTok that they were expecting their second daughter, who was born in December 2022.

Sarah’s creative influences include prominent social media figures such as A1saud, TheyLoveArii, Kevin Bojorquez, and Jelina, from whom she draws inspiration for her content. Her diverse and engaging presence on multiple platforms has solidified her status as a beloved social media influencer.

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