Sarp Levendoğlu

Sarp Levendoğlu Age, Net Worth, Height, Facts
Sarp Levendoğlu is an actor who was born in Ankara, Turkey in 25/12/1981 and is now 42 years old. Sarp Levendoğlu has a net worth of $350 Thousand.

How old is Sarp Levendoğlu?

Sarp Levendoğlu is 42 years old.

What is Sarp Levendoğlu Net Worth?

Sarp Levendoğlu's net worth is $350 Thousand.

What is Sarp Levendoğlu Birthday?

Sarp Levendoğlu's birthday is 25/12/1981.

What is Sarp Levendoğlu Zodiac Sign?

Sarp Levendoğlu's zodiac sign is Capricornus.

What is Sarp Levendoğlu's Real Birth Name?

Sarp Levendoğlu's real birth name is Ali Sarp Levendoğlu.

Where is Sarp Levendoğlu's Birthplace?

Sarp Levendoğlu's birthplace is Ankara, Turkey.

How Tall is Sarp Levendoğlu?

Sarp Levendoğlu height is 6'5''.

What is Sarp Levendoğlu Nationality?

Sarp Levendoğlu nationality is .

What are Sarp Levendoğlu's Professions?

Sarp Levendoğlu's professions are Actor.

Who is Sarp Levendoğlu's Spouse(s)?

Birce Akalay ​(m. 2014; div. 2017)​

Who is Sarp Levendoğlu's Partner(s)?

Çağla Irmak (Rumored)

Who is Sarp Levendoğlu?

Ali Sarp Levendoğlu is a Turkish actor and director.

Levendoğlu started acting at the age of six. After studying at Saint-Benoît French High School, he studied visual communication design at Bilgi University before getting a degree in acting from Istanbul Kültür University. As the nephew of director Mustafa Altıoklar, he started his acting career by taking part in his uncle’s works. He was cast in a number of TV series, including Lise Defteri, Çınaraltı, Emret Komutanım, and Zeliha’nın Gözleri as well as movies such as O Şimdi Asker and Emret Komutanım Şah Mat. Levendoğlu also worked as a director in the TV series Emret Komutanım and Gece Gündüz. Between 2014–2015, he had a leading role in the series Küçük Ağa. In 2017, he began starring in the action series Savaşçı, portraying the character of Haydar Bozkurt.

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