Simon Jordan

Simon Jordan Age, Net Worth, Height, Facts
Simon Jordan is a business person who was born in Thornton Heath, South London, England in 24/09/1968 and is now 55 years old. Simon Jordan has a net worth of $50 Million.

How old is Simon Jordan?

Simon Jordan is 55 years old.

What is Simon Jordan Net Worth?

Simon Jordan's net worth is $50 Million.

What is Simon Jordan Birthday?

Simon Jordan's birthday is 24/09/1968.

What is Simon Jordan Zodiac Sign?

Simon Jordan's zodiac sign is Libra.

What is Simon Jordan's Real Birth Name?

Simon Jordan's real birth name is Simon Jordan .

Where is Simon Jordan's Birthplace?

Simon Jordan's birthplace is Thornton Heath, South London, England.

How Tall is Simon Jordan?

Simon Jordan height is 6'0''.

What is Simon Jordan Nationality?

Simon Jordan nationality is .

What are Simon Jordan's Professions?

Simon Jordan's professions are Businessperson.

Who is Simon Jordan's Partner(s)?

Michelle Dewberry

Who is Simon Jordan?

Simon Jordan is an English businessman who made his fortune in the mobile phone industry. In 2000, he purchased Crystal Palace Football Club and remained chairman of the club until administration in early 2010. In 2002, he co-founded and funded the car magazine Octane, selling his 50% shareholding in 2006. In 2006, he opened the restaurant Club Bar and Dining in London's Warwick Street, Jordan sold it to the Ottolenghi Group in 2011 who renamed the restaurant Nopi. Jordan is currently known for his role as a co-presenter on the weekday mid-morning TalkSPORT programme, White and Jordan with Jim White weekdays from 10 till 1.

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