Stephen Tompkinson

Stephen Tompkinson Age, Net Worth, Height, Facts
Stephen Tompkinson is an actor who was born in Stockton-on-Tees, County Durham, England in 15/10/1965 and is now 58 years old. Stephen Tompkinson has a net worth of $10 Million.

How old is Stephen Tompkinson?

Stephen Tompkinson is 58 years old.

What is Stephen Tompkinson Net Worth?

Stephen Tompkinson's net worth is $10 Million.

What is Stephen Tompkinson Birthday?

Stephen Tompkinson's birthday is 15/10/1965.

What is Stephen Tompkinson Zodiac Sign?

Stephen Tompkinson's zodiac sign is Libra.

What is Stephen Tompkinson's Real Birth Name?

Stephen Tompkinson's real birth name is Stephen Phillip Tompkinson.

Where is Stephen Tompkinson's Birthplace?

Stephen Tompkinson's birthplace is Stockton-on-Tees, County Durham, England.

How Tall is Stephen Tompkinson?

Stephen Tompkinson height is 6'2''.

What is Stephen Tompkinson Nationality?

Stephen Tompkinson nationality is .

What are Stephen Tompkinson's Professions?

Stephen Tompkinson's professions are Actor.

Who is Stephen Tompkinson's Spouse(s)?

Celia Anastasia (divorced)
Nicci Taylor (divorced 2006)
Elaine Young (2007 – 2016)

Who is Stephen Tompkinson's Partner(s)?

Jessica Johnson (2017 – 2021)

Who is Stephen Tompkinson?

Stephen Tompkinson is an English actor, known for his television roles as Marcus in Chancer (1990), Damien Day in Drop the Dead Donkey (1990–1998), Father Peter Clifford in Ballykissangel (1996–98), Trevor Purvis in Grafters (1998–1999), Danny Trevanion in Wild at Heart (2006–2013) and Alan Banks in DCI Banks (2010–2016). He won the 1994 British Comedy Award for Best TV Comedy Actor. He also starred in the films Brassed Off (1996) and Hotel Splendide (2000).

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