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Tammy Bruce Age Net Worth Height

Tammy Bruce Tammy Bruce is an anchor who was born in Los Angeles, California in 20/08/1962 and is now 60 years old. Tammy Bruce has a net worth of $5 Million.

How old is Tammy Bruce?

Tammy Bruce is 60 years old.

What is Tammy Bruce Net Worth?

Tammy Bruce's net worth is $5 Million.

What is Tammy Bruce Birthday?

Tammy Bruce's birthday is 20/08/1962.

What is Tammy Bruce Zodiac Sign?

Tammy Bruce's zodiac sign is Leo.

What is Tammy Bruce's Real Birth Name?

Tammy Bruce's real birth name is Tammy K. Bruce.

Where is Tammy Bruce's Birthplace?

Tammy Bruce's birthplace is Los Angeles, California.

How Tall is Tammy Bruce?

Tammy Bruce height is 5'9''.

What is Tammy Bruce Nationality?

Tammy Bruce nationality is .

What are Tammy Bruce's Professions?

Tammy Bruce's professions are Commentator, Radio host, Writer.

Who is Tammy Bruce?

Tammy K. Bruce is a conservative American radio host, author, and political commentator. Earlier she had been president of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Organization for Women. She is currently an on-air contributor to Fox News and host of Get Tammy Bruce on Fox Nation. In a 2006 interview with C-SPAN, Bruce stated she was bisexual, and that for her, identifying as lesbian was a choice. At the age of 17, Bruce became lovers with 34-year-old Brenda Benet.Later, Bruce and Benet lived together for nearly a year before Bruce moved out.On April 7, 1982, two years after they had first met and two weeks after Bruce moved out, Benet committed suicide at her home during a lunch date with Bruce.

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