Tim Kennedy Age, Net Worth, Height, Facts

Tim Kennedy Net Worth, Age, Height & Biography

Tim Kennedy is an athlete who was born in San Luis Obispo, California, United States in 01/09/1979 and is now 44 years old. Tim Kennedy has a net worth of $1 Million.

What is Tim Kennedy Net Worth?

Tim Kennedy's net worth is 1 Million.

How old is Tim Kennedy?

Tim Kennedy is 44 years old.

What is Tim Kennedy Birthday?

Tim Kennedy's birthday is 01/09/1979.

What is Tim Kennedy Zodiac Sign?

Tim Kennedy's zodiac sign is Virgo.

What is Tim Kennedy's Real Birth Name?

Tim Kennedy's real birth name is Timothy Fred Kennedy.

Where is Tim Kennedy's Birthplace?

Tim Kennedy's birthplace is San Luis Obispo, California, United States.

How Tall is Tim Kennedy?

Tim Kennedy height is 5'11'' (180.34 cm).

What is Tim Kennedy Nationality?

Tim Kennedy nationality is .

What are Tim Kennedy's Professions?

Tim Kennedy's professions are Mixed Martial Artist.

Who is Tim Kennedy's Spouse(s)?

Ginger Kennedy

Who is Tim Kennedy?

Tim Kennedy is a retired American mixed martial artist and current soldier. A professional from 2001 until 2016, he has fought in the UFC, Strikeforce, the WEC, ShoMMA, HDNet Fights, and represented the Chicago Red Bears in the IFL. Kennedy is one of the few fighters to simultaneously serve in the United States Army while also fighting professionally. He also is a television host, producer, and entrepreneur.

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