Alexandra Jarvis Age, Net Worth, Height, Facts

Alexandra Jarvis Net Worth, Age, Height & Biography

Alexandra Jarvis is a model who was born in Helena, Alabama, America. in 06/05/1990 and is now 33 years old. Alexandra Jarvis has a net worth of $3 Million.

What is Alexandra Jarvis Net Worth?

Alexandra Jarvis's net worth is 3 Million.

How old is Alexandra Jarvis?

Alexandra Jarvis is 33 years old.

What is Alexandra Jarvis Birthday?

Alexandra Jarvis's birthday is 06/05/1990.

What is Alexandra Jarvis Zodiac Sign?

Alexandra Jarvis's zodiac sign is Taurus.

What is Alexandra Jarvis's Real Birth Name?

Alexandra Jarvis's real birth name is Alexandra Jarvis .

Where is Alexandra Jarvis's Birthplace?

Alexandra Jarvis's birthplace is Helena, Alabama, America..

How Tall is Alexandra Jarvis?

Alexandra Jarvis height is 5'8''.

What is Alexandra Jarvis Nationality?

Alexandra Jarvis nationality is .

What are Alexandra Jarvis's Professions?

Alexandra Jarvis's professions are Model.

Who is Alexandra Jarvis's Spouse(s)?

Sergio Ducoulombier.

Who is Alexandra Jarvis?

Alexandra Jarvis, who was born on May 6, 1990, at the age of 33, is a multi-talented professional hailing from Alabama, USA. She wears many hats in her career, including that of an actress, model, realtor, and attorney. Her IMDb profile showcases her involvement in various short films, notably “Clock Work” and “Feedback.”

However, Alexandra’s claim to fame came through her participation in the Netflix reality show spinoff titled “Selling the OC,” which followed in the footsteps of the immensely popular series “Selling Sunset,” hosted by Jason Oppenheim.

Viewers warmly embraced “Selling the OC,” showing the same enthusiasm as they did for its predecessor. Alexandra has carved a niche for herself as one of the top real estate agents on the roster of the Oppenheim Group. Reports suggest that in her early years in the real estate industry, she successfully closed deals worth USD 40 million.

For those unfamiliar with the show, “Selling the OC” revolves around a team of charismatic realtors who specialize in high-end properties throughout Orange County, California.

In addition to Alexandra Jarvis, the star-studded SOC team includes other talented individuals like Alexandra Hall, Kayla Cardona, Tyler Stanaland, Brandi Marshall, Gio Helou, Lauren Shortt, Austin Victoria, Alexandra Rose, Sean Palmieri, Polly Brindle, and Alexandra Harper.

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