Allison Stokke Age, Net Worth, Height, Facts

Allison Stokke Net Worth, Age, Height & Biography

Allison Stokke is an athlete who was born in Newport Beach, California, U.S. in 22/03/1989 and is now 34 years old. Allison Stokke has a net worth of $5 Million.

What is Allison Stokke Net Worth?

Allison Stokke's net worth is 5 Million.

How old is Allison Stokke?

Allison Stokke is 34 years old.

What is Allison Stokke Birthday?

Allison Stokke's birthday is 22/03/1989.

What is Allison Stokke Zodiac Sign?

Allison Stokke's zodiac sign is Aries.

What is Allison Stokke's Real Birth Name?

Allison Stokke's real birth name is Allison Rebecca Stokke Fowler.

Where is Allison Stokke's Birthplace?

Allison Stokke's birthplace is Newport Beach, California, U.S..

How Tall is Allison Stokke?

Allison Stokke height is 5'7''.

What is Allison Stokke Nationality?

Allison Stokke nationality is .

What are Allison Stokke's Professions?

Allison Stokke's professions are Athlete, Fitness Model.

Who is Allison Stokke's Spouse(s)?

Rickie Fowler ​(m. 2019)

Who is Allison Stokke?

Allison Rebecca Stokke Fowler is an American track and field athlete and fitness model. She broke a number of American records for high school pole vaulting. Images of her at age seventeen were widely shared on the Internet, resulting in her becoming an internet phenomenon.

Stokke continued to pole vault, attending University of California, Berkeley, and competing for their California Golden Bears collegiate track team. She competed at two NCAA Division I Championships, achieving All-American honors at the 2011 NCAA Indoor Championships, and earned regional level all-academic honors through her combined athletic and academic performances. She attempted to make the American Olympic team at the 2012 United States Olympic Trials but failed to record a height. She continued vaulting at national level meetings up to 2017.

After college, she became a professional vaulter and sports model for Nike and Athleta, among others.

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