Alonzo Muhlach

Alonzo Muhlach is an actor who was born in Philippines in 19/02/2010 and is now 14 years old. Alonzo Muhlach has a net worth of $500 Thousand.

What is Alonzo Muhlach Net Worth?

Alonzo Muhlach's net worth is US $500 Thousand.

Who is Alonzo Muhlach?

Alonzo Andretti T. Muhlach (born February 19, 2010)[1] is a Filipino actor best known for his role as Prinsipe Vladimir in the “Prinsesa” segment of the anthology film My Big Bossing. In January 2017, he joined the first season of Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids on ABS-CBN.


How old is Alonzo Muhlach?

Alonzo Muhlach is 14 years old.

What is Alonzo Muhlach Birthday?

Alonzo Muhlach's birthday is 19/02/2010.

What is Alonzo Muhlach Zodiac Sign?

Alonzo Muhlach's zodiac sign is Pisces.

What is Alonzo Muhlach's Real Birth Name?

Alonzo Muhlach's real birth name is Alonzo Andretti T. Muhlach.

Where is Alonzo Muhlach's Birthplace?

Alonzo Muhlach's birthplace is Philippines.

How Tall is Alonzo Muhlach?

Alonzo Muhlach height is 4'5'' (134.62 cm).

What is Alonzo Muhlach Nationality?

Alonzo Muhlach nationality is .

What are Alonzo Muhlach's Professions?

Alonzo Muhlach's professions are Actor.

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