Anna Frey

Anna Frey is an athlete who was born in Farmington Hills, Michigan, U.S. in 05/11/2007 and is now 17 years old. Anna Frey has a net worth of $1 Million.

What is Anna Frey Net Worth?

Anna Frey's net worth is US $1 Million.

Who is Anna Frey?

Anna Frey is a notable social media personality and TikTok content creator, as well as a talented tennis player. She is best known for her annafrey TikTok account, where she shares trending dance and lip-sync performances set to popular songs. With over 1.9 million followers on the platform, Anna has established herself as a prominent figure in the TikTok community.

Anna made her TikTok debut in 2021, initially sharing content from her trip to Hawaii. In late 2023, her TikTok video titled “she plays tennis?” went viral, accumulating over three million views. Another popular video showcased her humorous take on being 16 years old and still not having a driver’s license.

As a sophomore in high school, Anna gained recognition for her tennis skills, ranking among the top ten players in the country for her age bracket by the Tennis Recruiting Network. Her resemblance to Brock Purdy sparked significant buzz and momentum for her in early 2024.

Anna’s achievements extend beyond social media, as she celebrated winning a tennis tournament in Newport Beach in December 2023 and earned over $700 in prize money from various tennis tournaments throughout 2023.

Anna comes from a supportive family, with two brothers named Taylor and Charles, and parents named Tanner and Jennie. Her family features prominently in her social media content, including a TikTok video of her and her dad walking around London in January 2024. Her mom even accompanied her to Super Bowl 58 in Las Vegas.

In one of her TikTok performances, Anna showcased her dance skills to Doja Cat’s “Agora Hills,” further solidifying her status as a versatile content creator with a diverse range of interests and talents.


How old is Anna Frey?

Anna Frey is 17 years old.

What is Anna Frey Birthday?

Anna Frey's birthday is 05/11/2007.

What is Anna Frey Zodiac Sign?

Anna Frey's zodiac sign is Scorpius.

What is Anna Frey's Real Birth Name?

Anna Frey's real birth name is Anna Frey.

Where is Anna Frey's Birthplace?

Anna Frey's birthplace is Farmington Hills, Michigan, U.S..

How Tall is Anna Frey?

Anna Frey height is 5'11'' (180.34 cm).

What is Anna Frey Nationality?

Anna Frey nationality is .

What are Anna Frey's Professions?

Anna Frey's professions are Social Media Personality, Tennis Player, TikTok Star.

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