Annika Sörenstam

Annika Sörenstam Age, Net Worth, Height, Facts
Annika Sörenstam is an athlete who was born in Bro, Stockholm County, in 09/10/1970 and is now 53 years old. Annika Sörenstam has a net worth of $40 Million.

How old is Annika Sörenstam?

Annika Sörenstam is 53 years old.

What is Annika Sörenstam Net Worth?

Annika Sörenstam's net worth is $40 Million.

What is Annika Sörenstam Birthday?

Annika Sörenstam's birthday is 09/10/1970.

What is Annika Sörenstam Zodiac Sign?

Annika Sörenstam's zodiac sign is Libra.

What is Annika Sörenstam's Real Birth Name?

Annika Sörenstam's real birth name is Annika Charlotta Sörenstam.

Where is Annika Sörenstam's Birthplace?

Annika Sörenstam's birthplace is Bro, Stockholm County,.

How Tall is Annika Sörenstam?

Annika Sörenstam height is 5'6''.

What is Annika Sörenstam Nationality?

Annika Sörenstam nationality is .

What are Annika Sörenstam's Professions?

Annika Sörenstam's professions are Athlete, Golfer.

Who is Annika Sörenstam's Spouse(s)?

David Esch (1997–2005) Mike McGee (m. 2009)

Who is Annika Sörenstam's Partner(s)?


Who is Annika Sörenstam?

Annika Sörenstam is a Swedish professional golfer. She is regarded as one of the best female golfers in history.Before stepping away from competitive golf at the end of the 2008 season, she had won 90 international tournaments as a professional, making her the female golfer with the most wins to her name. She has won 72 official LPGA tournaments including ten majors and 18 other tournaments internationally, and she tops the LPGA's career money list with earnings of over $22 million—over $2 million ahead of her nearest rival while playing 149 fewer events. Since 2006, Sörenstam has held dual American and Swedish citizenship. The winner of a record eight Player of the Year awards, and six Vare Trophies given to the LPGA player with the lowest seasonal scoring average, she is the only female golfer to shoot a 59 in competition. She holds various all-time scoring records including the lowest season scoring average: 68.6969 in 2004. Representing Europe in the Solheim Cup on eight occasions between 1994 and 2007, Sörenstam was the event's all-time leading points earner until her record was surpassed by England's Laura Davies during the 2011 Solheim Cup. Sörenstam also was captain of the 2017 European Solheim Cup team. In 2003, Sörenstam played in the Bank of America Colonial tournament to become the first woman to play in a PGA Tour event since 1945. On 2 December 2020, she was appointed president of the International Golf Federation from 1 January 2021. On 7 January 2021, she received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Donald Trump

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