Aras Aydın

Aras Aydın Age, Net Worth, Height, Facts
Aras Aydın is an actor who was born in Eskişehir, Turkey in 04/01/1989 and is now 34 years old. Aras Aydın has a net worth of $400 Thousand.

How old is Aras Aydın?

Aras Aydın is 34 years old.

What is Aras Aydın Net Worth?

Aras Aydın's net worth is $400 Thousand.

What is Aras Aydın Birthday?

Aras Aydın's birthday is 04/01/1989.

What is Aras Aydın Zodiac Sign?

Aras Aydın's zodiac sign is Capricornus.

What is Aras Aydın's Real Birth Name?

Aras Aydın's real birth name is Mehti Aras Aydın.

Where is Aras Aydın's Birthplace?

Aras Aydın's birthplace is Eskişehir, Turkey.

How Tall is Aras Aydın?

Aras Aydın height is 6'1''.

What is Aras Aydın Nationality?

Aras Aydın nationality is .

What are Aras Aydın's Professions?

Aras Aydın's professions are Actor.

Who is Aras Aydın's Spouse(s)?

Melis Birkan

Who is Aras Aydın?

Aras Aydınis a Turkish actor.
Aydın was born in 1989 in Eskişehir. He studied theatre at the Istanbul University State Conservatory.He made his debut in 2010 with the series Öğretmen Kemal. In 2013, he briefly appeared in the series Şefkat Tepe and in 2014 he was cast in a supporting role in Saklı Kalan. He was first noted by the general audience with his portrayal of Emre Yiğit in Kiraz Mevsimi. He then made his cinematic debut in 2016 with a leading role in the movie Oğlan Bizim Kız Bizim. Aydın later had main roles in series such as Altınsoylar and Canevim.

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