Ari Abdul Age, Net Worth, Height, Facts

Ari Abdul Net Worth, Age, Height & Biography

Ari Abdul is a social media celebrity who was born in New York City, U.S. in 06/10/2001 and is now 22 years old. Ari Abdul has a net worth of $500 Thousand.

What is Ari Abdul Net Worth?

Ari Abdul's net worth is 500 Thousand.

How old is Ari Abdul?

Ari Abdul is 22 years old.

What is Ari Abdul Birthday?

Ari Abdul's birthday is 06/10/2001.

What is Ari Abdul Zodiac Sign?

Ari Abdul's zodiac sign is Libra.

What is Ari Abdul's Real Birth Name?

Ari Abdul's real birth name is Ari Abdul.

Where is Ari Abdul's Birthplace?

Ari Abdul's birthplace is New York City, U.S..

How Tall is Ari Abdul?

Ari Abdul height is 5'5'' (165.1 cm).

What is Ari Abdul Nationality?

Ari Abdul nationality is .

What are Ari Abdul's Professions?

Ari Abdul's professions are Singer, TikTok Star.

Who is Ari Abdul?

Ari Abdul, born on October 6, 2001, in New York, is a prominent TikTok star who has made a significant mark in the world of social media. While she’s known for her singing talent showcased in tracks like “Babydoll” and “Stay,” she uses her TikTok account under the handle imaginary.ari to both share and promote her music, accumulating an impressive following of 310,000 fans on the platform.

Her TikTok journey began in February 2020, and she quickly gained recognition for her engaging content. Among her diverse posts, she occasionally delves into bizarre news stories, providing her audience with a mix of entertainment. Notably, one of her most popular TikToks centers around an upcoming single, amassing over 2 million views.

Ari Abdul was born in the United States, and her TikTok presence has made her a notable figure in the social media landscape. In May 2022, she shared a TikTok video featuring music by The Weeknd, further solidifying her status as a content creator and musician in the digital realm.

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