Ayden Mekus

Ayden Mekus Age, Net Worth, Height, Facts
Ayden Mekus is an actor who was born in California in 02/08/2005 and is now 18 years old. Ayden Mekus has a net worth of $1 Million.

How old is Ayden Mekus?

Ayden Mekus is 18 years old.

What is Ayden Mekus Net Worth?

Ayden Mekus's net worth is $1 Million.

What is Ayden Mekus Birthday?

Ayden Mekus's birthday is 02/08/2005.

What is Ayden Mekus Zodiac Sign?

Ayden Mekus's zodiac sign is Leo.

What is Ayden Mekus's Real Birth Name?

Ayden Mekus's real birth name is Ayden Mekus.

Where is Ayden Mekus's Birthplace?

Ayden Mekus's birthplace is California.

How Tall is Ayden Mekus?

Ayden Mekus height is 5'7''.

What is Ayden Mekus Nationality?

Ayden Mekus nationality is .

What are Ayden Mekus's Professions?

Ayden Mekus's professions are Actor.

Who is Ayden Mekus's Partner(s)?

Claire Rock Smith (ex) Jaime Adler

Who is Ayden Mekus?

Ayden Mekus - Actor Born August 2, 2005 in Northern California. Ayden Mekus was born in Northern California and spent most of his growing up years on Coronado Island, California (close to San Diego). He began his acting career in December 2017 and shortly after, by February 2018 had the lead role in The Lilac Thief with Kristin Glover and Chocolate Chip Cookie with Lingyu Meng, both successful short films. From March until August 2018, he had supporting roles in Utensils with Ryan Larkin, Critical Candle with Director Frank Lin, What is School For with PrinceEA, and Anatomy, produced by Golden Era. Ayden's commercial completions were Kess Toy Company with Alex Kessler, Roxi Electric Jukebox with Jeremy Kientz, Games Manifesto with Spin Master, Google Project Search Light, and LilGadgets Headphones. Noted dance performances were Winter Wonderland and Dance Variety Showcase in San Diego.

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