Beren Gökyıldız Age Net Worth | Height Facts

Beren Gökyıldız Age Net Worth Height

Beren Gökyıldız Beren Gökyıldız is an actress who was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 24/09/2009 and is now 13 years old. Beren Gökyıldız has a net worth of $300 Thousand.

How old is Beren Gökyıldız?

Beren Gökyıldız is 13 years old.

What is Beren Gökyıldız Net Worth?

Beren Gökyıldız's net worth is $300 Thousand.

What is Beren Gökyıldız Birthday?

Beren Gökyıldız's birthday is 24/09/2009.

What is Beren Gökyıldız Zodiac Sign?

Beren Gökyıldız's zodiac sign is Libra.

What is Beren Gökyıldız's Real Birth Name?

Beren Gökyıldız's real birth name is Beren Gökyıldız.

Where is Beren Gökyıldız's Birthplace?

Beren Gökyıldız's birthplace is Istanbul, Turkey.

How Tall is Beren Gökyıldız?

Beren Gökyıldız height is 4'3''.

What is Beren Gökyıldız Nationality?

Beren Gökyıldız nationality is .

What are Beren Gökyıldız's Professions?

Beren Gökyıldız's professions are Actress.

Who is Beren Gökyıldız?

Beren Gökyıldız is a Turkish child actress. She is mainly known for her role as Kiraz in the television series Bizim Hikaye. Beren was born on 29 September 2009 in Istanbul.She is continuing her education at primary school. She started her acting career by appearing on Fox TV's series Kocamın Ailesi, and won the favor of the audience with her character. Despite her young age, she was able to give a successful performance and later appeared on Show TV's Güldüy Güldüy Show. She then got a role on Star TV's series Anne as Melek Akçay,and shared the leading role with Vahide Perçin and Cansu Dere.

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