Brandon Nakashima

Brandon Nakashima is an athlete who was born in San Diego, California, United States in 03/08/2001 and is now 23 years old. Brandon Nakashima has a net worth of $2 Million.

What is Brandon Nakashima Net Worth?

Brandon Nakashima's net worth is US $2 Million.

Who is Brandon Nakashima?

Brandon Nakashima (born August 3, 2001) is an American professional tennis player. He has been ranked as high as world No. 43 in singles by the ATP, which he achieved on October 17, 2022. On the same day, he also reached a career-high doubles ranking of No. 316.

After graduating from High Bluff Academy in Rancho Santa Fe, he enrolled at the University of Virginia to play collegiate tennis, but chose to forgo his remaining years of eligibility after his first year. He has won one ATP singles title, as well as the 2022 Next Generation ATP Finals.


How old is Brandon Nakashima?

Brandon Nakashima is 23 years old.

What is Brandon Nakashima Birthday?

Brandon Nakashima's birthday is 03/08/2001.

What is Brandon Nakashima Zodiac Sign?

Brandon Nakashima's zodiac sign is Leo.

What is Brandon Nakashima's Real Birth Name?

Brandon Nakashima's real birth name is Brandon Nakashima.

Where is Brandon Nakashima's Birthplace?

Brandon Nakashima's birthplace is San Diego, California, United States.

How Tall is Brandon Nakashima?

Brandon Nakashima height is 6'2'' (187.96 cm).

What is Brandon Nakashima Nationality?

Brandon Nakashima nationality is .

What are Brandon Nakashima's Professions?

Brandon Nakashima's professions are Tennis Player.

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