Bryce Harper Age, Net Worth, Height, Facts

Bryce Harper Net Worth, Age, Height & Biography

Bryce Harper is an athlete who was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. in 06/10/1992 and is now 31 years old. Bryce Harper has a net worth of $100 Million.

What is Bryce Harper Net Worth?

Bryce Harper's net worth is 100 Million.

How old is Bryce Harper?

Bryce Harper is 31 years old.

What is Bryce Harper Birthday?

Bryce Harper's birthday is 06/10/1992.

What is Bryce Harper Zodiac Sign?

Bryce Harper's zodiac sign is Libra.

What is Bryce Harper's Real Birth Name?

Bryce Harper's real birth name is Bryce Aron Max Harper .

Where is Bryce Harper's Birthplace?

Bryce Harper's birthplace is Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S..

How Tall is Bryce Harper?

Bryce Harper height is 6'3''.

What is Bryce Harper Nationality?

Bryce Harper nationality is .

What are Bryce Harper's Professions?

Bryce Harper's professions are Baseball Player.

Who is Bryce Harper's Spouse(s)?

Kayla Varner (m. 2016)

Who is Bryce Harper?

Bryce Aron Max Harper (born October 16, 1992) is an American professional baseball right fielder for the Philadelphia Phillies of Major League Baseball (MLB). Prior to his arrival in Philadelphia, Harper played for the Washington Nationals from 2012 through 2018.

One of the most heavily touted draft players in recent history, Harper has been cited as a “five-tool player.”He left Las Vegas High School after his sophomore year so that he could attend the College of Southern Nevada, where he won the 2010 Golden Spikes Award. The Nationals selected Harper as the first overall pick in the 2010 MLB draft. He made his MLB debut with the Nationals on April 28, 2012, at 19 years old. Harper was selected for the 2012 All-Star Game, becoming the youngest position player to play in an All-Star Game.

Harper won the National League (NL) Rookie of the Year Award in 2012 and tied for the NL lead in home runs in 2015. He was named the NL Most Valuable Player for 2015 by unanimous decision of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America; at age 22, he became the youngest MLB baseball player to win the award. As a free agent during the 2018–19 offseason, he signed a 13-year, $330 million contract with the Phillies, the richest contract in the history of North American sports at the time, until being eclipsed shortly after by Mike Trout. He won his second NL MVP award in 2021 with the Phillies. The next season, he helped lead the Phillies to their first postseason appearance in 11 years, and was instrumental in helping the team win its first pennant since 2009, winning the NLCS MVP in the process.

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