Camilo Age, Net Worth, Height, Facts

Camilo Net Worth, Age, Height & Biography

Camilo is a musician who was born in Medellín, Antioquia in 16/03/1994 and is now 29 years old. Camilo has a net worth of $17 Million.

What is Camilo Net Worth?

Camilo's net worth is 17 Million.

How old is Camilo?

Camilo is 29 years old.

What is Camilo Birthday?

Camilo's birthday is 16/03/1994.

What is Camilo Zodiac Sign?

Camilo's zodiac sign is Pisces.

What is Camilo's Real Birth Name?

Camilo's real birth name is Camilo Echeverry .

Where is Camilo's Birthplace?

Camilo's birthplace is Medellín, Antioquia.

How Tall is Camilo?

Camilo height is 5'10'' (177.8 cm).

What is Camilo Nationality?

Camilo nationality is .

What are Camilo's Professions?

Camilo's professions are Musician, Singer, Songwriter.

Who is Camilo's Spouse(s)?

Evaluna Montaner ​(m. 2020)

Who is Camilo?

Camilo Echeverry (born 16 March 1994), known mononymously as Camilo, is a Colombian singer, musician and songwriter. Born in Medellín, Antioquia, he is known for his singles “Tutu”, alongside Pedro Capó and Shakira, and “Desconocidos”, with Mau y Ricky and Manuel Turizo. His music is generally categorized as Latin pop with a mix of urbano music and is noted for his romantic lyrics and soprano voice.

He debuted in 2008, after winning the talent show Factor XS in 2007. He is also known for writing and producing hits for other artists including Becky G and Natti Natasha’s “Sin Pijama” and Bad Bunny’s “Si Estuviésemos Juntos”

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