Charlie Dimmock

Charlie Dimmock Age, Net Worth, Height, Facts
Charlie Dimmock is a TV person who was born in West Wellow, Hampshire, England in 10/08/1966 and is now 57 years old. Charlie Dimmock has a net worth of $10 Million.

How old is Charlie Dimmock?

Charlie Dimmock is 57 years old.

What is Charlie Dimmock Net Worth?

Charlie Dimmock's net worth is $10 Million.

What is Charlie Dimmock Birthday?

Charlie Dimmock's birthday is 10/08/1966.

What is Charlie Dimmock Zodiac Sign?

Charlie Dimmock's zodiac sign is Leo.

What is Charlie Dimmock's Real Birth Name?

Charlie Dimmock's real birth name is Charlotte Elouise Dimmock.

Where is Charlie Dimmock's Birthplace?

Charlie Dimmock's birthplace is West Wellow, Hampshire, England.

How Tall is Charlie Dimmock?

Charlie Dimmock height is 5'6''.

What is Charlie Dimmock Nationality?

Charlie Dimmock nationality is .

What are Charlie Dimmock's Professions?

Charlie Dimmock's professions are Gardening expert, Television presenter.

Who is Charlie Dimmock?

Charlotte Dimmock is an English gardening expert and television presenter. She was a member of the team on Ground Force, a BBC gardening makeover programme, airing from 1997 to 2005. Since then, Dimmock has presented numerous TV shows in the UK and US, including The Joy of Gardening, Charlie's Garden Army and most recently Garden Rescue. Dimmock attended Wellow Primary School and the Mountbatten School in Romsey, Hampshire. Her father was a merchant seaman, and her mother Sue ran her own clothes shop. Dimmock's love of gardening began at an early age - she enjoyed spending time in the garden as a child (gravitating towards the family pond) and helping her grandfather in his vegetable patch. At junior school she had gardening lessons through the spring and summer terms. As a teenager, Dimmock had a weekend and holiday job at a local garden centre called Mill Water Gardens in Romsey When she was at school, Dimmock initially planned to specialise in forensic science, but changed her mind and studied horticulture.Dimmock trained as an amenity horticulturalist at Winchester and Somerset,[clarification needed] graduating with a BTEC Diploma in Amenity Horticulture, attaining a distinction, and a National Technical Certificate in Turf Culture and Sporting Management. She spent a year of this training at the Chelsea Physic Garden in London. After college, Dimmock joined Romsey Garden Centre. It was here that she met TV producer John Thornicroft, who later produced Ground Force.

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