Charlie Javice

Charlie Javice is a business person who was born in United States in 14/03/1993 and is now 31 years old. Charlie Javice has a net worth of $16 Million.

What is Charlie Javice Net Worth?

Charlie Javice's net worth is US $16 Million.

Who is Charlie Javice?

Charlie Javice (born March 14, 1993) is the founder and former CEO of Frank, a student financial aid application assistance company. In January 2023, she was accused of fraud relating to the sale of her company to JPMorgan Chase for $175 million. Javice was charged on April 4, 2023 in Manhattan federal court with a four-count grand jury indictment for securities fraud, wire fraud, bank fraud, and conspiracy.


How old is Charlie Javice?

Charlie Javice is 31 years old.

What is Charlie Javice Birthday?

Charlie Javice's birthday is 14/03/1993.

What is Charlie Javice Zodiac Sign?

Charlie Javice's zodiac sign is Pisces.

What is Charlie Javice's Real Birth Name?

Charlie Javice's real birth name is Charlie Javice.

Where is Charlie Javice's Birthplace?

Charlie Javice's birthplace is United States.

How Tall is Charlie Javice?

Charlie Javice height is 5'6'' (167.64 cm).

What is Charlie Javice Nationality?

Charlie Javice nationality is .

What are Charlie Javice's Professions?

Charlie Javice's professions are Businessperson, CEO.

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