Charlie Teo Age, Net Worth, Height, Facts

Charlie Teo Net Worth, Age, Height & Biography

Charlie Teo is a doctor who was born in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia in 24/12/1957 and is now 66 years old. Charlie Teo has a net worth of $5 Million.

What is Charlie Teo Net Worth?

Charlie Teo's net worth is 5 Million.

How old is Charlie Teo?

Charlie Teo is 66 years old.

What is Charlie Teo Birthday?

Charlie Teo's birthday is 24/12/1957.

What is Charlie Teo Zodiac Sign?

Charlie Teo's zodiac sign is Capricornus.

What is Charlie Teo's Real Birth Name?

Charlie Teo's real birth name is Charlie Teo.

Where is Charlie Teo's Birthplace?

Charlie Teo's birthplace is Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

How Tall is Charlie Teo?

Charlie Teo height is 5'7''.

What is Charlie Teo Nationality?

Charlie Teo nationality is .

What are Charlie Teo's Professions?

Charlie Teo's professions are Doctor, Neurosurgeon.

Who is Charlie Teo's Partner(s)?

Traci Griffiths

Who is Charlie Teo?

Charles Teo AM, born on December 24, 1957, is a highly regarded Australian neurosurgeon. He is known for his expertise in the field of neurosurgery and has made significant contributions to medical advancements.

Teo was previously married to Genevieve Teo (née Agnew), and together they have four daughters. However, they separated in 2018. Currently, Teo is engaged to Traci Griffiths, a former international model who was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2011. Teo served as her treating surgeon during her medical journey.

Apart from his medical career, Teo has also been actively involved in animal welfare advocacy. Since 2009, he has been a council member for Voiceless, an Australian animal welfare group. His involvement showcases his commitment to raising awareness about animal welfare issues and promoting compassionate treatment towards animals.

Charles Teo’s expertise as a neurosurgeon and his contributions to animal welfare highlight his dedication to both the medical field and ethical causes.

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