Clayton Young

Clayton Young is an athlete who was born in American Fork, Utah in 14/09/1993 and is now 31 years old. Clayton Young has a net worth of $3 Million.

What is Clayton Young Net Worth?

Clayton Young's net worth is US $3 Million.

Who is Clayton Young?

Clayton Young (born 14 September 1993) is an American long-distance runner, who competes for Asics. He ran collegiately for Brigham Young University, and won the 10,000 metres at the 2019 NCAA Division I Outdoor Track and Field Championships. He set a personal best of 2:08:00 at the 2023 Chicago Marathon, finishing seventh. Young finished second at the the 2024 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials, qualifying him for the 2024 Paris Olympics.


How old is Clayton Young?

Clayton Young is 31 years old.

What is Clayton Young Birthday?

Clayton Young's birthday is 14/09/1993.

What is Clayton Young Zodiac Sign?

Clayton Young's zodiac sign is Virgo.

What is Clayton Young's Real Birth Name?

Clayton Young's real birth name is Clayton Young.

Where is Clayton Young's Birthplace?

Clayton Young's birthplace is American Fork, Utah.

How Tall is Clayton Young?

Clayton Young height is 6'0'' (182.88 cm).

What is Clayton Young Nationality?

Clayton Young nationality is .

What are Clayton Young's Professions?

Clayton Young's professions are Long-Distance Runner.

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